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Lizzie and Neil on Their Royal Enfield Interceptors

Who are the bionic bikers

The Bionic Bikers are Lizzie, Neil, and Alfie. We're all motorcycle enthusiasts and are always on the hunt for the next adventure or the next filming project.

We take our name and inspiration from Lizzie - aka @bionicbikerchick - who defied almost everyone's expectations by passing her bike test, not once, but twice (auto & manual).
What started as a way to document her overcoming her roadblocks has turned into a fun motorcycle obsessed channel.

- Lizzies ride is currently a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. She's an awesome photographer and lets face it the star of the show. @bionicbikerchick
- Neil's ride is also and interceptor 650. He's the main cameraman and the channel's editor. @kingofmee
- Alfie's ride is a Honda CBF 500. He's the copywriter and manages the website. @southwickwrites

Its all about the journey

Whilst our passion is motorcycles and the whole biking community we are deeply

driven to promoting our message of overcoming physical & mental issues, becoming

stronger than ever before, or becoming BIONIC.

We have both had to face lifes serious side and draw on each others strengths

as well as our own in order to win through.

You will encounter doubters who will frequently attempt to keep you from realizing your full potential.

However, you can and will overcome, unavoidably growing stronger than before.

#findyourfreedom  #itsallaboutthejourney

Lizzie and Neil at the beach

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