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neil and lizzie in the motorcycle shop at ART Rider


Through a lifetime we've learned and experienced so much that we hope to inspire others to find their freedom both physically and mentally.


Neil is a highly trained Physical Rehabilitation Therapist, Videographer, Motorcycle Instructor and multiple businesses owner.


Lizzie was the first person in the UK to wear and trial a Myolectric mechanical arm on the NHS at the age of 4 being born without the lower third of her left arm. She has fought against the perceptions of society because of her difference, she brought up her three children, run her own successful businesses, photographer, Motorcycle shool manager and has also spent time in nursing and mentoring.

This section is about passing on our life experience that might perhaps help you.


By Neil Southwick

Most people are going to find it very difficult to understand the difference between what is actual pure exercise and what is a Recreational activity. Most people don't have the cognative ability to look outside the box, maybe youre different?

I say this from a lifetime of being an avid exercise enthusiast and as a professional sports therapist and Exercise coach to both elite athletes and general public alike. I studied and studided and studied. I could read two or three books a week, my library is vast and takes in all manner of information from all around the globe and from way back into history up to the present.

I've lectured and mentored more people including fitness professionals than I could ever remember. i started my journey at 11 years old when I first started weight training as part of my first rugby team and also went off twice a week to my Judo practice.

This information is not my opinion, this is the overwhelming scientific evidence that believe it or not took me a lifetime of study to finally understand.

To truly exercise you are advised to use short duration high intensity exercise that focuses on a target muscle and work to complete failure. It's usually way more effort than we have been taught to push to in the mainstream fitness world.

Athletes are often the most duped people on the planet, they're overworked and do exercise that is often completely detrimental to their needs. I've seen it done wrong a thousand times by ignorant trainers and athletes.

If you want to know what you have to do to improve just ask me and I'll share that knowledge. Its very extensive and would require a whole website for its explanation in its own right.

motorcycle fitness

Let me just debunk one form of motorcycle exercise thats actually completely worthless and is pushed by health pros and bikers alike that are actually very ignorant to the facts.

So what is it?

Doing pressups on a bar that mimics the handle bars on a motorcycle. This is just a dubious balance and strength modality which has ZERO carry over to controlling a motorcycle, JUST PLEASE DON'T DO IT and run away from anyone who suggests it.

Get on your bike and ride it THATS ALL! there is ZERO eveidence to suggest doing this pressup on a bar movement will help but theres a ton of evidence against it! Just because you think it might work doesnt mean it does.

If you want to know more just ask.

people exercising in a gym

functional training

Functional training has been debunked so many times and by so many very clever exercise scientists I need not have to defend my position here :) you only have to look at the science, it's obvious but functional exercise is a nice little money maker!

In many cases its tottally uneccessary and will likely result in injuries and an overworked state.

Running, swimming, biking, dancing, rowing and the like are recreational activities, you get better at that disipline the more you practice a specific movement pattern, you get some carry over effect to your health for sure but it is NOT EXERCISE! you are not improving the way you think you are. If over time you can jog further faster, does it mean your fitter or just better practiced? There's a reason an elite level Tour De France athlete could never compete with an Olympic Marathon runner and its not because of their fitness levels.

The only FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE is to do the very thing you want to do! for instance getting better at say gardening means go do gardening, jogging will not help you, you,ll be wasting time and beating yourself up byoverworking your body and increasing your cortisol hormone levels and thats never a good thing.

Many people are over stressed through exercise.

Remember this, if you enjoy your so called exercise routine its NOT an exercise routine! I guarantee when you do the real most effective and efficient exercise youll not enjoy it, you will gain more than you could ever imagine but its not easy.

Lizzie on Her Red Suzuki SV 650


By Elizabeth Southwick

I remember the first time I sat on a motorcycle TBC...

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