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Bionic Arm Needed

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

As you may or may not be aware our Lizzie aka

Lizzie on a suzuki SV

is in need of a bionic arm to help her not only with her motorcycling but with everyday tasks that the majority of us take for granted.

Can you imagine for one moment trying to ride a motorbike with only one hand? and listen I know what you are thinking "I do it all the time it's easy" but just wait a sec! theres a big difference. Thats why she states a Bionic Arm Needed please.

Now if you literally tie up your left hand behind your back so its impossible to rely on it then go for a spin around the block I'm sure you'll be numb with fright when you get back, in fact I know you will I've tried it many times and its not only physically tiring its psychologically mind bending, it really is.

So why does she need a Bionic arm? well firstly if you have any idea of the awful uncomfortable grotesque looking artificial limbs the NHS supply you'll understand. I mean they're still not far away from hooks and pulleys and they take months and months to make decisions and the same to cast and make something. I've spent hour after hour with Lizzie at the limb centre and they always get it wrong, try to give you something different, the incompetency is sometime quite staggering.

Lizzie deep in thought

We got so fed up with the rubbish they turn out from the NHS that I literally made a limb from an old casting she had and a wooden artists mannequin hand. I literally shaved it, adapted it and fixed it in place. It had a ball and socket joint that just made Lizzie's life on the bike a thousand times better than anything the NHS have provided. The problem is the springs are flimsy and bust after a few months and I have to take the thing apart and re connect it all. Not only that but would you feel safe and confident with a sub par piece of equipment? not really but she soldiers on and never complains.

Lizzie works in a Motorcycle Training school called ART Rider in Laindon Essex and it often makes us laugh when she's faced with a client who exclaims "I cant do it I'm to anxious or scared" then Lizzie holds up her prosthetic arm and says "so was I but I did it with one arm, if I can do it you damn well can" :) never fails to inspire people I can tell you.

A new Bionic Arm will give back a little slice of life that most of us in the two arm world just take for granted. Opening doors, picking up boxes, banging in a nail, counter steering on the motorbike it all takes its toll. When you couple in the fact that Lizzie has to use her Clutch and Brake and Throttle ALL with her Right hand, isn't it any wonder she's got arthritis in it now? which means that she really only has about 80% usage on a good day. In fact she had a tendon injury to her Right arm a few years back resulting in an operation that left her with ongoing issues with the arm and wrist as well.

Bionic arms

So we are asking for some help to keep her on a motorcycle for years to come and just improve everyday tasks. It costs a little over £10k to purchase a Bionic Arm and theres just no way we can come up with that kind of cash so we started a Go Fund Me account for people to donate. Any amount would be truly amazing, every little helps and if you cant donate that way we can link you up with our PayPal details if it's easier.

In the coming months of 2021 we will be looking at fund raising ideas either online or by way of ride outs etc.

From Lizzie and all of us thank you.

If you would like to donate heres the link https://gofundme/752b8e1b

Ride safe and remember "theres never a wrong way not on a motorcycle"


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Apr 30, 2021

Lets make this happen.

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