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Chillax in a Tipi in Norfolk

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

We got time to chillax in a Tipi in Reepham Norfolk

Lizzie and I spent 5 wonderful nights glamping in the heart of Norfolk near Reepham at a place called Indian Summer Tipis. Its very Motorcycle friendly ;) bonus points already.

Tipi and sunset

we where made very welcome by the owners Maddie & Nick who soon had us up to speed with all things from fire making to exploring the local culture. There's an independent brewery and coffee house on site along with a small gardening shop and for us at least the coolest motorcycle repair shop called Roosters Barn owned by Olli and Kathy who specialise in Harley Davidson among many others.

We soon got to grips with the outdoor shower which was amazinggggg, granted we where in the middle of a mini heatwave. There's only five tips in the field so no one feels like they are on top of one another. The shared kitchen area was awesome and more than adequate for charging phones as well as making tea and the odd thing on the stove.

Double bed in a tipi wow

Its not your average camping when you see a kingsize double bed in the tipi :) and very comfy to boot.

Fire pit by our Tipi

Every night we made it an unwritten pact to cook on the big fire pit and what a sensation it was. Up till now the only BBQ I've ever done has been with coals and fire starters but not this time, it was a case of kindling and logs that burned so well it created the coals to cook on very easily. No mess no fuss, they have a large and small fridge on site so you can keep the beers chilled along with the food which is great as it means you can do a few days shopping at a time.

We explored the surrounding fields and woods, took tons of photos and videos, you can see more in our photos page as its something Lizzie and I are quite passionate about.

old school cafe racers

One of our highlights was meeting so many fellow motorcyclists from the local area and going to a big bikers meet up at Whitwell and Reepham Station on the Friday night which is a regular weekly occurrence. It's busy sometimes with up to a thousand plus bikers turning up and tonight was no exception, but at least there's a nice little bar area to keep everyone well watered.

All in all it was a taste of getting back to basics and getting away from people to simply unwind and let the stress of modern ;life family work chores etc melt into the background. I even started to pick up a Norfolk twang to my voice hahaha.

At £150 per night its not the cheapest option but it is a little slice of heaven worth every penny in our opinion so why not go ahead and treat yourself to a weekend in the countryside in a tipi.

We came back refreshed and revitalized and ready to take on the world again.

Maddie also explained there will be different events possibly happening in the future which sounded awesome. Especially as the field across the way host very unique shepherds huts as well. One to keep an eye out for the future for sure.

More about the bike night in another post soon :)

Ride Safe


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