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Coalhouse fort


Took a ride out to explore this Fort that sits on the Thames estuary near East Tilbury in Essex


Its an awesome place to visit and very relaxed and laidback especially around near the large open park area and by the lakes. The grounds are really well kept, theres a nice little cafe and even a playground to keep the young ones amused for a little while.

Unfortunately the internal aspect wasn't open to the public, but I did manage to send the drone up to take a look around :)

Coalhouse Fort is an artillery fort that was built around the 1860s to guard the lower Thames area from a seaborne attack. It stands at Coalhouse Point on the north bank of the river, at a location near East Tilbury which was vulnerable to raiders and invaders.

It was the last in a series of fortifications dating back to the 15th century and was the direct successor to a smaller mid-19th century fort built on the same site. Constructed during a period of tension with France, its location on marshy ground caused problems from the start and led to a lengthy construction process.

The fort was equipped with a variety of large-calibre artillery guns and the most modern defensive facilities of the time, including shell-proof casemates protected by granite facing and cast-iron shields.

The motorcycle ride out wasn't anything spectacular to get there but in this case it was more about the destination than the route. Not really any good spots to get pictures with the bike in front of the Fort which was a shame.

If you are coming from further afield the riding would be better as the countryside is quite flat you can see a fair distance.

Theres also a nice war memorial on the road into the Fort thats worth stopping off for. You can see more in the YouTube video below.

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Ill be getting out and about trying to find some little Jems of buildings that I think are worth a Ride Out ;)

Remember theres never a wrong way.


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