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Freedom to ride

Time to start riding and get the videos back on track. Lockdown in the UK has kept us from doing much until now. Lizzies practicing using the KLever on her SV650 the last couple of days....if you're not sure what a KLever is its a dual clutch/brake fitted to one side to enable bikers of difference or with an injury to wrist and arm that prevent them from using traditional clutch and brake system. Try riding one handed ;)

We did a couple of 50 miler runs over to the North Weald Airfield because we lurve the planes and the cafe and theres always always some cool bikes and bikers over there, including us :) ...this airfield is home to the Essex Air Ambulance and is one of our favourites in Essex.

Enjoy the video, its not going to revolutionise moto vlogging its just us and real, Neil does add some poetic sequences and music as we do try to showcase the beauty of riding motorcycles, plus theres always some fun included ;)....If you like the video guys please do the old Like, Share, Subscribe and it would be even better to hear what you think.

Stay safe and remember theres never a wrong way...not on a motorcycle.


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