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Moto-Fit with Kettlebell Training

I'm 55 years young and things are slipping health wise so its time to sharpen up especially to help improve my motorcycle riding now and in the future.

Getting fitter really helps improve your motorcycling experience in my opinion. I cannot stress enough how it helps from being able to lift a bike to twisting the next and shoulders to see better or even just having better stamina and breathing to cope with longer rides. The better your body utilises oxygen the better you can recover for the next days riding.

Along with getting stronger and more mobile its important to eat a balanced diet and hydrate well in order to make quick decisions and recover in all kinds of climates. As the saying goes

"Only the strongest shall survive"

As a trained Health and Fitness professional its even more appropriate for me to lead by example. I have to be honest though its something thats completely fell by the wayside over the last two years what with coping running a business (now gone due to the current climate) and what's happened with the Rona to all of us in 2020.

Don't get me wrong I always stretch and maintain some conditioning but its far far away from my best standards. So now its time to step up a gear and get my body and mind back to where it really thrives.

In my experience of training and rehabbing people over the last 20 plus years from all walks of life what I see when I look at the majority is that they are very weak and really lack mobility, I think this in turn leads to a mind and body that craves artificial stimulation.

Humans are meant to be strong and agile to a point, I believe that we should all be taking part in some form of exercise etc that takes us towards this. I am also an advocate of what you personally put into your body which includes Food, Thoughts or learning, Exercise is what you get out. If you are over eating, not exercising, sitting in front of the TV to much then what comes out of you when you Talk, Think and Poop is garbage.

Teaching people how to look after themselves would help cut the dependance on the NHS here in the UK prob by more than half within a few short months. Helping people to understand how their bodies work and how to deal with all kinds of chronic and degenerative issues would be a revelation in general population human health. Imagine the money saved due to reductions in chronic illness, arthritis, diabetes, obesity, fibromyalgia, sprains, muscle aches, gut problems, depression, anxiety we could get in depth here but you get the picture.

Its such a shame our society is almost engineered to keep us unhealthy. I would even say that there is a hell of a lot of false information out there about how to get and maintain a healthy body One of the worst culprits are the big chain style gyms that actually care nothing for your health and fitness its just a profits based business. Sure you may get some decent workers who try but the end goal is KPI's and Profits. I know because Ive worked in them and for them, Ive had discussions with mangers of fitness firms who categorically DO NOT CARE about your wellbeing as long as you are paying its fine. And they absolutely do hide things so as to not turn you away. So be very very careful about where you choose to train. I would suggest you go out on a limb and find a decent Personal Trainer who can impart good knowledge to you. Its a learning process! you don't need some fancy gym to feed your ego and you don't need to do some of the ridiculous amounts of exercise many recommend, it will just bust you up too much, but ill go into this in more detail another time.

The problem is and lets be honest most of us are just to damn lazy! cant be bothered! no discipline, no gumption, unwilling, the list goes on and on. This is partly a fault of parental guidance along with poor communication at school about what humans actually are and how we work. I mean both physically, emotionally, and psychologically.......

Did anyone ever teach you the benefits of meditation and breathing? two very simple things that could change your world quite literally.....Instead people associate it with some kind of hippy, new-age, yoga mumbo jumbo. Such a shame.

I used to run a CBD oil company a few years back, this stuff was good very good, quite expensive but hell you'd pay to have the best right? People would expect that just because they are going to take this wonder supplement that all their problems would go away. This is rarely the case as it the same with any single supplement. Everything else needs to be addressed first, getting your house in order i.e. improving your nutrition, hydration, strength, mobility is paramount to any success.

What I see with motorcyclist are people that think it's just ok to jump on and to ride a bike! but they rarely understand the concept of a healthy body=healthy mind = better riding experience.

Of course the younger generation will always be able to cope better until they hit their thirties and start to realise they cant cope the way they used to anymore!

Any way thats enough digressing Ill be posting up my training with my coach Terrence who's had me in pieces Im not going to lie. But anything worth having is usually a struggle to get, thats what makes it so sweet, NO QUICK FIXES!

So I'm trying to improve my cardio output, lose a couple of stone at max, get much stronger and improve my movement. Ive noticed too many times on the bike recently when I twist to shoulder check right I get a horrible pinching in my neck.

This 1st Training Session: Kettlebells (nothing better) (1st Gear level training)

Tuesday 6th Oct 2020

Warm ups - 10mins various planks and mobility work to get the blood flowing

Circuit 1 x 5 rounds of

A1) KB Deadlift x 10 @40kg

A2) KB 2H SW x 10-10 @24kg

Circuit 2 x 5 rounds

B1) KB 1H Step up @ 16kg 10, 8, 6, 4, 2

B2) KB 2H SW @ 24kg: 10-10 x 5

Circuit 3 - 100KB SW in 5 mins

C1) 2H KB SW @ 20kg: 30, 20, 22, 20 = 92 (didn't hit the 100 in 5 mins, close, my first real attempt)

END with a little stretching.

This was extremely tough on my breathing and heart rate, my knees are a little weak as well and I have an issue with pushing through the right hip.

Stay tuned and Ill be sharing my training and passing on some tips for getting Moto-Fit.


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