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lizzie passes mod 1 again.

Yes for the second time Lizzie has put herself through the UKs motorcycle testing.

She passed first time :)

Why a second time you ask? because originally she opted to pass on an automatic bike due to the difficulties faced when trying to ride one handed. She's been riding a Honda NC750 for a few years now but the option of changing to a different bike that suits her taste is very limited.

So now we have a modified Suzuki SV650 with a Kliktronic right side K-Lever fitted so she has the gear lever and brake on the same side.

You can find out more about Kliktronic system here they are a very innovative UK company that help riders of difference accomplish mechanical tasks that they would normally have to shy away from.

Nothing is worse than being told "you cant do that' or "you wont be able to do it" if you've ever been put in this position you'll know exactly the lengths you would go to to prove someone wrong. Which is exactly what our Lizzie has done......

Not an easy device to use as its quite a lot of emphasis on the one hand, but its all coming together. Just one more test to go and she'll have two lots of motorcycle test certificates for mod 1 and mod 2 motorcycle tests, quite an achievement, we are all very proud.

Well done Lizzie

Check her out on instagram @bionicbikerchick

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