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Lizzie Vlogs

Her first Motorcycle Vlog

Theres more to this Vlog than fun......

So at Last Lizzie aka @bionicbikerchic shares her ride into work talking about her difference (being born without her Left hand) and how she copes in a two handed world.

She shares her history from the start that will make you feel sad, happy and angry. Lizzie tells of the time when she was first born at Londons Barts Hospital, its an incredible heart wrenching tale and when you hear how the hospital wanted to take her away from her mum you'll start to understand the incredible prejudice and damn ignorance of the medical world and of many people in general.

Obviously Lizzie shares her funny anecdotes and whims on her way to work at the ART Motorcycle training centre in Laindon Essex.

Be sure to watch till the end for the "How not to switch off an Intercom"

Always Fun always Enlightening, watch out for her continuing story.....

Ride Safe

N. @bionicbikers @bionicbikerchick

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