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meet up with gesto & lane

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

One of our favourite Motorcycle Vlogging Couples back in the UK from Spain.

After watching Gesto & Lane for nearly two years Lizzie and I finally head off on a rideout to meet up with these awesome people. They champion motorcycle riding and vlogging, they've traveled on their bikes through Europe and even resided for a time in Spain. Now theyre back in the UK and we couldnt wait to meet up with them for a coffee and a chat.

We headed over to the North Weald Airfield in Essex which is always a favourite for us to just watch the aeroplanes and chillax. Lots of bikers seem to congregate there so its always interesting.

Meeting Carlos and Emma for the first time was quite strange, I guess its a bit like meeting an actor or musician who's work you've admired for some time but never met them in the flesh. Suffice to say they're even better live :) and there two Repsol Hondas where looking mint.

Honda Repsol Motorcycle
Honda Repsol Motorbike

These guys are back in the Uk for a short time to film the Women in Motorcycling Exhibition rally taking place in Derby UK this August. It should be an absolute blast of a day.

We chatted about all kinds of topics from food to travel to motorbikes, we even touched on some very interesting ideas for the future which are very exciting, lets just say watch this space.

gesto & Lane Moto Vloggers UK
Gesto & Lane

Conversation flowed it was easy, enlightening and fun, we really enjoyed the company of these two Moto People.

Check out there YouTube Channel you wont be disappointed.

Never a wrong way


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