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Mid Life Bikers

Imagine for a moment phoning a friend who's on the other side of the world to you......Right said Hedley one of the Mid Life Bikers to his pal Angus "how'd you fancy riding across America with me coast to coast next week"? "of course" was the answer that came back "Im booking my ticket now" :)

The Mid Life Bikers then embark on riding from West to East across the U.S.A and then all kinds of trips around the world in aid of their chosen charity for Alzheimers.

Their adventures are hilarious, honestly we've never interviewed such a likeable and fun couple of guys like these, they just don't take life too serious and they laugh more at themselves than anything else, well they are Geordie's so what do you expect.

They love their biking and banter constantly ribing each other about whats best in bikes when comparing Hedley's GS to Angus's KTM, who knows right but if you ask me, I think that Triumph just pips the both of them ;)

I really thought that I'd have my work cut out with these two jokers but soon felt comfortable like a long time friend chatting to his mates in the local bikers cafe.

They both have very different but very complimentary personalities and thats I guess how they work so well together.

If you're not familiar with sharing a long motorcycle run with anyone then you just wont understand how quickly you can be infuriated by anothers simple idiocracies. Forming a bond is very very important if you're going to ride around the world. It's not just the riding style but personality which is also key.

Right now they find themselves locked down in Spain waiting for their chance to break free and complete their 20/20/20 challenge. Twenty countries, Twenty days to raise 20,000 euros for Alzheimers charity.

They completely self fund their trips so any donations go straight through to the charity not to their pockets.

Join us in reliving their crazy adventures on two wheels and looking forward to where they will be continuing.



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