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Moto Chat Show #5 with Kerry The Adventurer

Really enjoyed speaking to Kerry and learning about her ups and downs competing as a Motorcycle Enduro racer.

It's a predominantly male dominated field that brings out the worst in some by showing their chauvinistic tendencies towards the ladies of which there are very few.

Kerry has been riding motorbikes since she was 4 years old! I mean wow imagine that, what a huge amount of experience and talent but its being wasted because there is a lack of facilities and assistance in Scotland where she hails from.

Imagine riding one thousand miles across France and Spain to the start of the two day Hispania Enduro race and you only have one day to get there! Only to find out there's no decent tyre specialists to change over your road tyres. Not only that but the wheels have problems to.

Then you have to get through the jeers and negative comments just because you are a woman competing in the big bikes category against men in order to start the race "you'll never lift that bike you're to weak" get the idea?.........

Well a few ego's were bruised that weekend shall we say.

Heres the link to the video, we hope you enjoy it if you do please give it a like and subscribe if you want more.


There's never a wrong way....Not on a Motorcycle


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