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No Motorcycles ;)

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

We do drive and walk as well as ride we'll have you know ;) so Lizzie and Neil head out to Hainault forest which is located to the East of London in the UK. It's part of the far bigger and sprawling Epping forest which runs into the South Essex borders. This is very ancient woodlands that have stood for thousands of years. And like most things it came under the control of the crown with a punishment of death for poaching and other horrible things for even being on the land without a permit! fact is the local people had to purchase a permit yearly to be aloud to walk the land...can you imagine.

Half way through you'll see some pretty sad sights where many huge trees right in the middle of the forest have been uprooted, with little to know evidence as to why.

Of course we've added in some fun :) and plenty of music.

Enjoy and don't forget to HUG A TREE!!! :)


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