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Revved Up Cafe

Updated: Oct 26, 2023


We had a blast heading out to to the Revved Up cafe and then on to Mersea Island.

I know it's pretty inconsequential to most people but on the way over to The Revved Up Cafe for the first time like ever I slipped on a pair of biker sunglasses, lifted up my visor and let the breeze hit me all the way home.

Have to say it was a very warm summery day and boy did it feel awesome without that visor down. It's just so pleasurable taking in all the different smells and that cool breeze, it just adds to you being at one with whats around you. Like I said I've never done this before so was all new to me but ill deffo be doing it more often :)

Harley Davidson Custom Motorbike

In the old days I mean the 1960's and 70's the Mods and Rockers would have been having battles on the sea front, nowadays mostly everyone is relaxed and friendly. I dont mind a scooter to look at but wouldn't want one ;)

Glorious May Bank Holiday in Essex, probably the best day out for at least a year.

Harley Davidson Custom Motorcycle

If your thinking of a ride out then its a great little destination for the cafe or the beach. It's

not overly commercial really which helps retain some of the charm of an oldie worldie seaside resort.

Highlights for me where of course the ride there and back and also all the custom bikes especially the Harley Davidsons on display.

Harley Davidson Custom Motorcycle "The Black Dog"
The Black Dog

Deffo worth a ride out.

Never a wrong way.


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