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Ride to the worlds oldest church

Well technically this is the Worlds Oldest Wooden Church called Greensted Church aka St Andrews. Its located in the Borough of Ongar in Essex UK.

This church dates back like a thousand years with some technical dating showing that there was other structures on this location before hand. Possibly some other kind of religious or sentimental building of our ancient forefathers.

Had to repair a puncture before I could get going, don't you just hate that, you get everything ready and let's be honest its not like jumping in the car is it? and you've got a nail or screw embedded into the tyre :( one thing Im always glad of are my tyre pressure gauges, that was flashing away like a good un to let me know...So I Plugged the tyre and was off and running in less than thirty mins.

I also took a trip over into Epping Forest and stopped off at the famous Biker cafe "The Original Tea Hut" for a quick cuppa and to check out some of the bikes.

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Hope you enjoy my little video of the day ;)

Ride Safe


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