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UKs Oldest Church - Mystery His-story

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Neil Rides out to the UK's oldest Church on the Essex East Coast

St Peters Chapel/Church, Bradwell-on-Sea was built on the grounds of an old Roman Fort which was part of a group along the coastline erected to deter and fend off Saxon raiders.

If you like a little peace and tranquility then the UKs Oldest Church in Essex is a must visit! I almost don't want to tell you about how sweet this little gem of a place is.
The ancient chapel

The Chapel is reached by foot some ten minutes from the car park, but it's no problem as the scenery and the stroll make it even more worth while. The Chapel itself isn't exactly an architectural marvel but its still a little slice of our History.

neil exploring with gopro in hand

It is proposed that St Ced built the chapel in order to convert the locals to christianity. Personally I cant understand why he would have built a structure so far away from any local inhabitants because theres hardly anyone local to this church.

God works in mysterious ways hey :)

scenic view of the chapel

From a Motorcycling perspective its a great ride, if you follow the route to the RAF Bradwell war memorial and take the Right hand fork you'll go through the old airfield runways and service roads which is a great ride and free of traffic....

Brilliant biking but be sure not to annoy the farmers.

Have fun, stay safe and remember theres never a wrong way on a motorcycle.


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