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Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Vlog/Podcast No #9 with The Undead Viking Zombie aka Shaun Napier. A man who's large in

stature and even more so in life experiences.

It was a fantastic interview with this strong willed guy who's battled against debilitating illness for the last ten years. He brings an incredible amount of enthusiasm to the motorcycle world including riding very long distances at the drop of a hat.

In fact as Shaun states if the ride is under 50 miles its not really worth him heading out so he'll likely tag on an extra couple of hundred.

We learned about his time growing up in South Africa and how he first got into motorcycling. How he has battled against Cancer against the odds and is still here riding his favourite Indian Motorcycle of which he is a big advocate. In fact Shaun wants to travel the world calling in to all the Indian Dealerships along the way. Quite a task you may say but not for this long distance moto-adventurer.

Listen to the pearls of Moto travel wisdom he's picked up along his journey. Listen to his tips on photography and videography for instagram and YouTube, he really has worked out the best way to photograph your bike in awesome scenery to get the biggest bang for your buck.

Click the pic to watch the video

He rides and doesn't take the ferry :) let's put it that way, and if you're headed down to Portugal from the UK then you know thats a ride and a half.

Where's his favourite place to ride? and whats the worst? well you'll have to watch the video to find out.

He setup a sunrise to sunset ride recently whereby his group rode from the UK East coast after watching the sunrise across the island to Wales on the West coast to watch the sunset.

Watch his youtube videos and then head over to the website to get a T'Shirt they're awesome.

Shaun is an inspiring larger than life character with a heart of gold but who doesn't suffer fools easily. He is bringing his big adventures to us all so that it might inspire others to get out there and just ride, ride, ride.

Journey safe


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