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Your 5 mins of Moto fame

I have recently started a new project trying to showcase people and their Motorcycle. The aim of which is to film the person as they are riding along with various added stills and associated film that can be added to a movie. The person then is presented with a nice riding video aimed completely at them to keep and perhaps share on their preffered social media platforms.

Who would like a video of themselves on their bike looking awesome????

We so often ride out and place a camera either on the bike or the helmet and proceed to film hours of footage that really has little impact. It also rarely shows the rider at their very best because they're just too busy filming everything else. Hands up if thats you! I know I'm hardly ever on film because I'm always the one doing the filming, but thats ok, at least to a point.

Granted some people will know better ways to capture different footage/angles etc to make their movie that much more watchable, but lets be honest most people don't have the artistic flare, patience, editing skills, time and camera equipment in order to create their little masterpiece.

I'm looking at producing a 3 to 5 minute video that should be looked on in terms of a wedding video for instance. It should show the marriage literally of the person and their beloved machine. Anyone outside of the biking community will probably not understand the bonding one gets to their motorcycle, but we in the community know its very very real.

I started off with Mark on his GSXR 1000 and then made some adjustments to film Stewart on

the second day. Have to say they were star helpers. I obviously have to select the best angles, the best camera placements, the correct positioning for myself and the Rider whilst in motion then consider the time it takes to edit the footage into a decent mini movie. Let me tell you now editing is time intensive, and its literally taken me several years and many videos to get even average at editing. Although in my favour I do have a very artistic flare. Being artistic though is useless without software knowledge and of course plenty of practice, practice, practice.

Its all very much in the experimental stage, I'm not a qualified Cinematographer, videographer, photographer, editor although being very entrepreneurial I've taken several online courses and applied my own real world experience over the last few years. Before this I was filming a different kind of business in London which I was involved in before the current situation closed it down.

I've actually been reading up a lot on the work of Claudio von Planta who if you don't know is the Swiss born cinematographer who's been filming Charlie Boorman and Ewan McGregor on their Motorcycle adventures Long Way Round, Long Way Down and now Long Way up. But he's also done many other documentaries so check out his stuff.

My hope is to show the beauty of the everyday person and their machine riding in harmony, to show peoples abilities or just their want to have a professional recording of themselves and their beloved motorcycle.

I do this for the love of motorcycling and for the awesome people that make this community so inspiring, adventurous and supportive.

If this is something you would be interested in then by all means get in touch.

Check out the YouTube videos below and leave us some feedback, good or bad does'nt matter as this is in its infancy and needs support to help it grow.


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